Halpert Family Genealogy Site

Welcome to this site which includes an extensive genealogical record for both my wife's (Audrey Mendoza Halpert) and my own ancestors as well as some some interesting historical photographs.

The bulk of this research was conducted using records available from http://www.ancestry.com.

Major family branches include Schuck, Volk, Pflum, Fussner, Zimmerman, Benson, Larmore, Mendoza, Kelley, Norton, Halpert, Alpert, Alperowitz, Helfand, Zorn, and Getzow.

Family roots include ancestors who emigrated from Germany, England, the Azores (Portugal), Ireland, Poland, Belarus.

If you have additional information, or would like to contact me, please add an entry via the guestbook link below.

Last updated: June 21, 2018.
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