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FamiliaOnline: Terms and Conditions
Our mission is to help you in publishing your genealogical data and files on the Internet. From our own experience we know that a family site is a wonderful tool for bringing a far-flung family together.

To provide you with the best possible environment, we ask you to agree to the following before using our facilities.

Your materials remain yours
When you upload your data and files, they remain your property under copyright law.

Upload only material you own
When you upload to DrAlex, you must either be the copyright holder (that basically means you wrote the notes and made the pictures), have written permission from the copyright holder, or the material must clearly be in the public domain.

You are responsible for your uploads
Don't break the law! If you upload anything that results in DrAlex being sued, you are responsible for any costs you incur. We may also hold you responsible for any costs we incur defending ourselves.

You should not decrease the enjoyment of others
Your uploads should not flame or otherwise harass other users and should be reasonably on topic for the areas where they appear, and you should otherwise adhere to the principles of netiquette. Information about netiquette is available on many Internet sites.

DrAlex has limited responsibilities
Hard disks fail and other catastrophes occur. Criminals may intercept your data. While DrAlex strives to provide the most reliable possible service, we are not liable for service interruptions and loss of data. Please keep backups of all materials and upload no secrets! In no case, technical failure or otherwise, will DrAlex be liable for damages exceeding any payments made by you to us.

DrAlex may refuse service
DrAlex may revoke the violator's right to use DrAlex site for violations of this agreement.

Money-back guarantee
Upon request, DrAlex will terminate any services we are providing to you and refund the unused subscription fees, if any.

DrAlex Privacy Policy
  • We will neither sell nor charge for access to your data and pictures without your permission.

  • We will not under any circumstances sell or give away a list of our users' postal addresses or e-mail addresses.

Links to Your Site
DrAlex may put links to your FamiliaOnline site on other DrAlex.com pages (e.g. from the Sample Sites page).